Update: 12-20-14

Here I sit, with a two month old little boy, wondering how the hell I am going to get my body back to normal. I did start this blog, awhile back, to help me stay on track and keep focused. I used it as a tool to reach out for support and all that good stuff. I’m NOT a health nut by any means. I sneak those little packs of fruit snacks, bite sized chocolates, or a soda whenever the feeling hits me. Now that I have had my little man, im healed up, i am ready to go full speed into losing this baby weight. I think it’s going to be harder now then ever. This blog wont just be about me and my eating, all my fat girl problems, im going to try to keep ya up on what i do as a mom in general. how i handle having three boys. keep in touch, ya never know whats going to happen.

Marchish 2014 i wrote:

My blog started out as this fitness tracker to help me stay motivated to getting my weight down to my goal and getting at my healthiest point in life. here we are a few months into this journey and I find out that I am pregnant. so now my blog and goals have not changed but they have altered. now my focus has to be keeping myself healthy for the baby not just me and everyone in my family already. there have been more obstacles thrown in my way, that really have crippled my working out area but that is just temporary. i hope that everyone sticks with me through this. at the end of this pregnancy i will start a whole new journey. thats really what life is about, all the journey’s you have and everything you go through, it really defines you as a person. Eating healthy and staying fit is STILL my goal! It will be harder now… thank you to everyone that follows me and my blog. thank you for your words and all your support… Amberlee**

My “Old” About rant: As stated in my “Bio”, I am starting out (again) on a journey to health! i have 20 something lbs to lose and a whole body to get healthy. I am asking for everyone to be by my side through the struggles, to praise my success, and hopefully i can return the favor! I am a mother of two healthy and very active little boys. I have to change not only for myself, but for them. I plan on being able to keep up with them as they get into sports and get more active. This is NOT going to be easy and at times it will NOT be fun but I did this to myself. I have the drive to change and I’m beyond ready to LIVE! You can subscribe to my blogs or Follow me on the social sites. Thank you in advance!

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