Yup… I survived!



So… remember one of my first posts, i wrote about that guy who said this month was the worst month to start dieting and eating right?? and how i said that it’s okay bc if i survive this month i can do it all year? Well im here to say that i SURVIVED THE HOLIDAYS! i am not going to sit here and lie.. i DID eat turkey, stuffing, those candied yam things, peas, ham and mashed potatoes and GRAVY! i did have dessert and WINE! the best thing about it… i still LOST 1lb through all of it! the key to it… MODERATION! 

Christmas eve we went to MeMa’s house and baked cookies. we decorated cupcakes with all sorts of goodness n then decorated cookies too. i ate 1/2 a cookie, i didnt let myself eat anymore although i could have eaten just one. of course there was her famous cheese ball dip stuff… you eat it with club crackers, i could sit there and eat the entire bowl but I DIDNT. there was also her spinach dip with french bread, homemade ranch dressing, i know that stuff was full of all kinds of fat and calories, i didnt eat much but i did put some on my salad. the entire evening i drank water… no SODA.

Then on Christmas day we went to my mom’s house, MeeMee and Grams. they had it ALL. Candied yams, or sweet potatoes, whatever, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, peas, turkey AND ham, deviled eggs, sausage, Angel food cake, chocolate chip cheese cake, brownies, pies, and WINE! i did eat all of that… and i drank wine! i didnt drink soda though, had water and wine the entire time. like ive said over and over, the key to it all is moderation. right now that is my struggle and as long as i control that i will be fine and i will continue to lose weight. i know there will come a time when im at my weight point where i will be fighting to lose a pound but right now, this is my struggle. i was nervous about trying the desserts but i took tiny pieces, literally they were like micro servings. BUT i didnt have to stand there and not take a bite of any of it, i did.  it was pretty great.

so this morning i get up, my mother has my kids for the weekend, which is weird and i am NOT used to this.. i dont think i ever will be. i miss my boys… anyways so i get up and get some yoga pants on and my hoodie, got my gloves and my phone, my water in hand and i hauled my butt to the track and walked 3miles! woot woot! so proud! a month ago i wouldve died doing that, not only the walk but the cold air and wind blowing in my face.. theres no way i wouldve actually walked enough to get 3miles under my feet!

so im here to say… yes this month was the worst time to start my journey. But in the end i think it’s making me stronger. i didnt eat so much that i had to take a nap. I didnt wake up the next day super bloated and almost unable to move. and i wasnt unhappy bc i had eaten so much over the 2-3 day holiday stretch. this morning i feel great! just as light as i felt before the Christmas Feast began!

I hope you all had just as much control and success over your holiday break.

until next time….. drink water, eat healthy and be happy!


my meals… my life… the past few days…



The past few days i have not posted what ive been eating every day. its a busy time of year, and for someone that is always busy anyways…. well it can be overwhelming. by the time i get settled at home i am done for the night and usually go to sleep. 

Doing a lot of shopping usually means eating out a little more then the average person is used to. just because you have to eat out doesnt mean you have to be unwise about your foods. if your unsure about a meal that your ordering, turn the menu page and try to find the “lighter” choices. substitute something for a salad with low fat dressing… make smart choices people!! thats exactly what i have been doing and i DO NOT order soda, just bc im eating out doesnt mean i order a sugar filled drink. i order water or bring my own bottle of water in. i really cant stand “fast food” restraunts anymore but last night, on our way home from Lights of the South, the boys were hungry and we all needed to eat, so we stopped at Wendy’s. i wasnt thrilled bc, yes, i want a burger and fries… id love it.. but im not going to do that right now. so i ordered my side salad and a grilled chicken wrap and sit down n wait. i had my bottle of water with me. Daddy brings the food over and im already ill bc he’s got a burger and the boys had fries :(, so i unwrap my wrap and its COVERED in cheese, not just a sprinkle but LOADED with it, and honey mustard! there was so much on there it was unreal, and to top it off there were like two pieces of lettuce thrown in there! i was so mad i threw a little fit, scraping everthing off of it and being loud about it, “would i have ordered a wrap if i wanted it loaded with this crap? and i ordered a frickn salad! cant they tell what im doing” IDIOTS! im still mad as you can tell about it, but i just cleaned off the chicken, cut it up and put it in my salad. 

being on a diet, and trying to get on track doesnt mean you have to restrict yourself from EVERYTHING. you just have to be careful. the other night we went and saw christmas lights at a local place with mema and i had a small cup of hot coco and a cookie. i did feel like i was doing something bad but i didnt get out of hand with it. i didnt eat 5 cookies and drink coco… it was the first time i had anything besides water in 2 weeks so i did have some guilt. but Christmas dinner is right around the corner, with dinner comes dessert. i cant express enough how important it is to have PORTION CONTROL. that is the key to these big family dinners. we tend to binge on food on holidays like this and thanksgiving when its really not just about the food, its about being with family. im not gonna say that the holidays arent about food bc really the food brings people together, and thats something you look forward to. those special once a year platters and treats.. anyways so this year, i wont be scarfing a handful of cookies as well as cheesecake and whatever else there will be. my plate will have room and i will feel much better about it all. control is the key.

so while im not posting every day like i should… remember, it is a struggle, it does get easier, and everything will pay off in the end! just know when i dont post that im still on track, im not giving up on this and i will update everyone as soon as i get a moment. 

The Lights of the South was amazing by the way. i was so glad to share it with my mother and my grandmother this year!


Day 6- Control



Like i said in my post the other day about going out to eat, it doesnt have to be a nightmare… well neither does eating over at a friends house or family dinners. if they dont cook your “diet” meals well then what you need my friend is PORTION CONTROL. 

people cant always count all of their calories. in times like that you really have to put your diet cap on and use it! i’ll share a few tips that i use when using portion control. first off, you gotta trick your mind into thinking you have more then you do. before you serve yourself a giant plate of yummy, grab a smaller plate, put your small portions on that smaller plate. spread the stuff out. tonight i spread out my rice, and my veggies so that it looked like more of my plate was covered. i tricked my mind into thinking i had SOOOO much more food then i really did. then try to drink a good bit of water before your meal, as your eating take small bites and take your time chewing up your food. i had a delicious meal tonight at my mom n grams. i was nervous about not being able to count my calories so that is what i did. 

portion control is very effective in losing weight. if you take the meal that you would ordinarily eat, cut that in half and just start eating that, i bet you will lose weight. most americans dont have control over there portions. i too am guilty of this, we tend to cook way too much food bc we think if our loved ones are nice n full that they are happy, when we are really just hurting them by shoving way to much food down their throats. remember … how long does that sensation of that food last on your taste buds?? not long at all so lets not let it get out of hand.  and be sure to drink lots of water!!!

sorry this blog is short tonight but i am sooo tired. it was a very long day, after the gym i came home and winter cleaned and i have so much more to do.



day 6 food diary

breakfast: toast and water (not a good breakfast)

it was a busy day. today i skipped meals and thats NOT good!

dinner at grams: roast, rice and veggies and dessert was frozen yogurt. strawberry n vanilla.

be sure to check out the blog of day 6!!


The Weekend



As soon as Friday got here i was ready to get out of dodge! Went and spent the weekend with my love up in a little down above Columbia. I have to say it was a pretty great weekend! Of course there was temptation more there then there was here bc we went out and shopped and did our thing. 

Saturday we got up and got ready to go out. on the way to the mall we stop by chick fil a bc boo is hungry as always. i wasnt really hungry at all so i ordered a large fruit cup and a water, we leave there and take the boys to the mall to see Santa, this time they had matching shirts. when we get there you would know that the mall in Columbia would have a line longer then some of the black friday lines! we walked around, shopped, got me a new pair of shoes for the gym so i can actually walk without my feet hurting, i gotta get my exercise! while we walk around we pass by Starbucks literally like 4 times! i want to die everytime we walk by! after deciding to wait til after santa eats lunch to get in line we walk back towards the end of the mall, walking by starbucks again, and of course when you turn that corner theres a shop selling pretzels covered in sugar and salt, i love the cinnamon ones!! so yummy.. well theres also a cookie shop, the boys all want cookies so we stop, i did NOT get a cookie!! i was so proud of myself!! after that we go walking around and then eventually land in the Santa line, where we spend 1.5hrs waiting! no lie… that is the total truth, it was actually a little longer then that. we FINALLY have the pictures we want!  we leave the mall and go to dinner, i was so nervous about eating out but a lot of places now a days have those low calorie menu’s that you can order from. so we settle on Olive Garden. 🙂 this was one happy momma! i ate a little salad, and ordered this garlic chicken off the menu that was titled “550calores or less” i got a glass of wine and i was in heaven! it was the BEST i swear! we hit a few more shops then ended up back at the apartment. ❤ great night

SUNDAY i begged daddy not to go to work, he stayed home and we took it easy all day! Breakfast i had the same, everyone just had cereal. we took our time getting out the house but eventually we went and walked around a few stores and picked up the last of the christmas gifts for people. on the way back to the apartment we go to HOOTERS i love that place! i did good though! i did have a few of the pickles, but i didnt eat anything else fried. all i drank was water and i ordered a grilled chicken sandwhich with a side salad. i only ate half my sandwhich at the time. when i got home from Columbia i ate the other half.

The WORST part of this weekend, besides the whole being stuck in the mall of hell, was leaving my love! i HATE leaving him and we miss him so much. it’s hard on the boys and that makes it even harder on me 😦

Soooo many challenges i have going on, all at once! thanks for all the likes, follows and support guys!! it really does make a difference. ❤

day 4-5 food

day 4-5 i was out of town. i didnt count every single calorie but you can judge for yourself:

breakfast: 1cup Crispix 1 Cup 2% milkImage

no snack :(….

Lunchish: 1large fruit cup from Chick-fil-a with Water


dinner: Olive Garden’s Roasted Garlic (lighter menu) with mashed potatoes and spinich (i only ate half) plus a salad. and a glass of wine.



Breakfast was the same as day 4.

lunch: salad and 1/2 grilled chicken sandwhich from HOOTERS with Water.

i did enjoy a FEW fried pickles.

Day 3 food

Two scrambled eggs,  again. ..
No milk today just water.

Lean cuisine fettechini


About 4-5 ounces of steak
Salad with low fat ranch 25cal!!
1/2 baked potato no butter, little bit of sour cream.

1/4 cup rasperry ice cream

100ounces of water!