Yup… I survived!

  So… remember one of my first posts, i wrote about that guy who said this month was the worst month to start dieting and eating right?? and how i said that it’s okay bc if i survive this month i can do it all year? Well im here to say that i SURVIVED THE […]

my meals… my life… the past few days…

  The past few days i have not posted what ive been eating every day. its a busy time of year, and for someone that is always busy anyways…. well it can be overwhelming. by the time i get settled at home i am done for the night and usually go to sleep.  Doing a […]

Day 6- Control

  Like i said in my post the other day about going out to eat, it doesnt have to be a nightmare… well neither does eating over at a friends house or family dinners. if they dont cook your “diet” meals well then what you need my friend is PORTION CONTROL.  people cant always count […]

The Weekend

  As soon as Friday got here i was ready to get out of dodge! Went and spent the weekend with my love up in a little down above Columbia. I have to say it was a pretty great weekend! Of course there was temptation more there then there was here bc we went out […]

day 4-5 food

day 4-5 i was out of town. i didnt count every single calorie but you can judge for yourself: breakfast: 1cup Crispix 1 Cup 2% milk no snack :(…. Lunchish: 1large fruit cup from Chick-fil-a with Water dinner: Olive Garden’s Roasted Garlic (lighter menu) with mashed potatoes and spinich (i only ate half) plus a […]

Day 3 food

Two scrambled eggs,  again. .. No milk today just water. Lean cuisine fettechini Celery About 4-5 ounces of steak Salad with low fat ranch 25cal!! 1/2 baked potato no butter, little bit of sour cream. 1/4 cup rasperry ice cream 100ounces of water!