intro bloggie


My first blog entry to my new blog. hopefully there will be much to come from my “diet” blog. i will be updating my blog with my daily food journal, and venting about my struggles and strengths that are going to come along with my change. eating healthy, and exercising are very important!! i lost sight of how i was eating, my habbits and how many calories i was consuming daily. that happens to be people from time to time, the good thing is that i am getting ahold of it before it gets too out of hand.

Back in March i was in a car accident, i was laid up for 6-8 weeks with broken ribs. after that i had 12 weeks of physical therapy. I am NOT blaming all of my weight gain and my “out of shapeness” on the accident but it really set me back. if i wouldve eaten healthier during that time, my struggle wouldnt be as bad as it is right now. i do know that. just giving yall a little history. .. before the accident i wasnt the weight i wanted to be but i was trying to get it under control. 20something pounds later, here i am. 😦

My thoughts on “diets”… well my thinking is .. im not hating on the shake diets, or weight watchers, or any of those diet plans but my thinking is that i need to do it as normal as possible so that it will stick with me. i dont see myself drinking shakes for the rest of my life and i damn sure aint ordering food offline forever, sooo.. the thing i think that will work best for me is counting my calories again, drinking lots of water and exercising everyday! after i lose the weight and try some toning, then i might throw a shake or two in there but i need to learn to portion myself all over, eat healthy meals and snacks, cook healthy for my kids and to teach them what a portion is and how to tell if they need more food or not. eating healthy isnt just a “diet” its a change in life and should be common sense to everyone. at one point it was to me, everyone has set backs in life, it’s normal. but when you realize youve had one, you gotta get up off the ground and dust yourself off and keep going.

 One thing i do need to set straight is that i am not just trying to get skinny, im trying to get healthy. there  is a difference, you can be a thick girl and be healthy and in shape, you can also be a skinny girl and be just as unhealthy and out of shape as a thicker girl. I know this is going to be hard for me. its hard to change in general and im trying to change so many things about myself at once. but i do think that putting it out there, on the internet and sharing it on my facebook will help. letting people know whats going on and putting it in the public eye gives support and i think it makes less likely for me to fail or back out. So thanks everyone!


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