eeeeeh…. day 1


Today was a very busy day! trying to get this house in order and stick to my bottle of water was soooo much harder then you would think! i think i did okay as far as my calories went. i couldve done without that dessert, but i did only eat 1/4cup so thats not bad. wouldve been better if i wouldve gotten a little closer to my water intake goal. i got half way there. Tomorrow i have to do better!! after dessert i went ahead and pre made my snacks. i had celery and baby carrots, i put them in snack size ziploc baggies. sometimes its not about WHAT you are eating but about HOW MUCH you think you are eating, so i took the baby carrots and sliced them down the center so it looks like i have more carrots then i actually do. the crunch of the veggies will satisfy that same “crave” i would get from a chip or a cookie, something i shouldnt be eating. i dont know why but thats just how it works, for me anyways. back to the premaking of the snacks…. sometimes you have to eat but you think that you dont have enough time to prepare something, when your trying to eat healthier, you cant always find a snack you can just grab and go with. unless you pay those stupid prices for the premade packs of carrots or apples or whatever else they have out now. im trying to cut the cost of eating healthy at the same time so i wont be doing all that. i will take the time to wash and cut my own fruits and veggies. i suggest yall do the same. plus it just seems more satisfying preparing my own food. another thing i did to help, i need to be reminded to stop and eat so i set a few alarms on my phone to remind me to take time out for me. it’s important to keep your metabolism going and the best way to do that is to snack every few hours. you would think that it would be easy but it’s not, thats why i set the alarms. i think the time in my life when i was in the BEST shape, and the healthiest was when i was preg with my youngest son. the love of my life told me to eat every few hours, 6 small meals a day, it helped with my morning sickness and i was in the best shape! giving birth was a breeze!! so now i wanna try that, without the whole being prego and giving birth part! LOL

I am disappointed in myself as far as the water goes… i really wish i wouldve done better. like i said … i have to learn to stop and take time for me! this is a struggle and it’s not called a struggle bc it’s easy…..

check out my eats for the day under the category

“food diary”


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