day 2…



im going to start off by saying, no im not some 400lb lady, im not obese, but i am over the weight i feel i should be at. im not trying to get beam pole skinny, i just want my body back. i do struggle with my love of food, especially in stressful times. when i get stressed out i either eat waaaaaaaay too much or i dont eat at all and neither of those are any good, as we all know the holidays can be very stressful. someone said to me and my sister the other day, (shes on the same journey i am), “are you sure you want to start this now? you know it’s going to be really hard to lose weight with the holidays” we thought about that before we took the first step. i knew it would be hard, it’s going to be hard anytime i decide to start changing, so my reply was “yes, im sure i want to start it now, the harder the better, if i can make it through the holidays then i can make it year round!” yesterday was day 2, it was NOTHING like day 1. i feel like day 1 was so easy, yesterday, i will be honest, was very hard!! i stuck to it though, i downed my water, which i did make my goal of 1/2 gallon, i took my snacks with me when i left the house, when my alarm went off for snack time i took it and had my snacks. i wanted to eat chips and drink chocolate milk like my boys were, but i didnt. in order for me to get back on track i HAVE to make some sacrifices! this is not forever, when i get to my goal weight i will be able to indulge in moderation though. you have to have control over what you put in your mouth!! that same guy that asked us that question, said to us “how long does that sensation last when you eat something yummy? its very few seconds and then it’s gone” and he’s right, it goes from your mouth to your hips in about 5seconds!! im not saying that everyone should go crazy and not eat anything yummy but i am saying thats what im doing right now. if it’s yummy it’s gonna have to be low calorie or very nutritious for my body.

in all my rambling, what im trying to say is, yesterday was bullshit, it was so hard for me to not open up a bag of chips, it was crazy crazy crazy hard for me to not buy anything from the gas station to munch on, and to drink NOTHING but pure water, no water flavor packs… nothing, yesterday was even harder. ive adapted to a life that is unacceptable and to change after months of being that way, is very hard. EVERYONE has struggles in change, no matter what the change is, but the important thing is, that i made it to day 3! i sure do hope today isnt as bad as yesterday but im sure it will be another struggle.  the only way to make it easier is to stick with it and GO! so just know that if your going through a struggle right now, you are NOT alone!


ps, if you notice on my meal of day 2 i didnt put cal by the veggies, and i wont. if i use a dip or something i will count those calories but if it’s just veggies, i will not. im eating the recommended serving sizes on everything i eat, thats how i get the cal count. but i wont single out my veggies unless they are cooked with my meal, snacktime veggies wont be counted against me. just saying. its my diet and thats how i am doing it 😀


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