The Weekend



As soon as Friday got here i was ready to get out of dodge! Went and spent the weekend with my love up in a little down above Columbia. I have to say it was a pretty great weekend! Of course there was temptation more there then there was here bc we went out and shopped and did our thing. 

Saturday we got up and got ready to go out. on the way to the mall we stop by chick fil a bc boo is hungry as always. i wasnt really hungry at all so i ordered a large fruit cup and a water, we leave there and take the boys to the mall to see Santa, this time they had matching shirts. when we get there you would know that the mall in Columbia would have a line longer then some of the black friday lines! we walked around, shopped, got me a new pair of shoes for the gym so i can actually walk without my feet hurting, i gotta get my exercise! while we walk around we pass by Starbucks literally like 4 times! i want to die everytime we walk by! after deciding to wait til after santa eats lunch to get in line we walk back towards the end of the mall, walking by starbucks again, and of course when you turn that corner theres a shop selling pretzels covered in sugar and salt, i love the cinnamon ones!! so yummy.. well theres also a cookie shop, the boys all want cookies so we stop, i did NOT get a cookie!! i was so proud of myself!! after that we go walking around and then eventually land in the Santa line, where we spend 1.5hrs waiting! no lie… that is the total truth, it was actually a little longer then that. we FINALLY have the pictures we want!  we leave the mall and go to dinner, i was so nervous about eating out but a lot of places now a days have those low calorie menu’s that you can order from. so we settle on Olive Garden. 🙂 this was one happy momma! i ate a little salad, and ordered this garlic chicken off the menu that was titled “550calores or less” i got a glass of wine and i was in heaven! it was the BEST i swear! we hit a few more shops then ended up back at the apartment. ❤ great night

SUNDAY i begged daddy not to go to work, he stayed home and we took it easy all day! Breakfast i had the same, everyone just had cereal. we took our time getting out the house but eventually we went and walked around a few stores and picked up the last of the christmas gifts for people. on the way back to the apartment we go to HOOTERS i love that place! i did good though! i did have a few of the pickles, but i didnt eat anything else fried. all i drank was water and i ordered a grilled chicken sandwhich with a side salad. i only ate half my sandwhich at the time. when i got home from Columbia i ate the other half.

The WORST part of this weekend, besides the whole being stuck in the mall of hell, was leaving my love! i HATE leaving him and we miss him so much. it’s hard on the boys and that makes it even harder on me 😦

Soooo many challenges i have going on, all at once! thanks for all the likes, follows and support guys!! it really does make a difference. ❤


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