my meals… my life… the past few days…



The past few days i have not posted what ive been eating every day. its a busy time of year, and for someone that is always busy anyways…. well it can be overwhelming. by the time i get settled at home i am done for the night and usually go to sleep. 

Doing a lot of shopping usually means eating out a little more then the average person is used to. just because you have to eat out doesnt mean you have to be unwise about your foods. if your unsure about a meal that your ordering, turn the menu page and try to find the “lighter” choices. substitute something for a salad with low fat dressing… make smart choices people!! thats exactly what i have been doing and i DO NOT order soda, just bc im eating out doesnt mean i order a sugar filled drink. i order water or bring my own bottle of water in. i really cant stand “fast food” restraunts anymore but last night, on our way home from Lights of the South, the boys were hungry and we all needed to eat, so we stopped at Wendy’s. i wasnt thrilled bc, yes, i want a burger and fries… id love it.. but im not going to do that right now. so i ordered my side salad and a grilled chicken wrap and sit down n wait. i had my bottle of water with me. Daddy brings the food over and im already ill bc he’s got a burger and the boys had fries :(, so i unwrap my wrap and its COVERED in cheese, not just a sprinkle but LOADED with it, and honey mustard! there was so much on there it was unreal, and to top it off there were like two pieces of lettuce thrown in there! i was so mad i threw a little fit, scraping everthing off of it and being loud about it, “would i have ordered a wrap if i wanted it loaded with this crap? and i ordered a frickn salad! cant they tell what im doing” IDIOTS! im still mad as you can tell about it, but i just cleaned off the chicken, cut it up and put it in my salad. 

being on a diet, and trying to get on track doesnt mean you have to restrict yourself from EVERYTHING. you just have to be careful. the other night we went and saw christmas lights at a local place with mema and i had a small cup of hot coco and a cookie. i did feel like i was doing something bad but i didnt get out of hand with it. i didnt eat 5 cookies and drink coco… it was the first time i had anything besides water in 2 weeks so i did have some guilt. but Christmas dinner is right around the corner, with dinner comes dessert. i cant express enough how important it is to have PORTION CONTROL. that is the key to these big family dinners. we tend to binge on food on holidays like this and thanksgiving when its really not just about the food, its about being with family. im not gonna say that the holidays arent about food bc really the food brings people together, and thats something you look forward to. those special once a year platters and treats.. anyways so this year, i wont be scarfing a handful of cookies as well as cheesecake and whatever else there will be. my plate will have room and i will feel much better about it all. control is the key.

so while im not posting every day like i should… remember, it is a struggle, it does get easier, and everything will pay off in the end! just know when i dont post that im still on track, im not giving up on this and i will update everyone as soon as i get a moment. 

The Lights of the South was amazing by the way. i was so glad to share it with my mother and my grandmother this year!



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