Yup… I survived!



So… remember one of my first posts, i wrote about that guy who said this month was the worst month to start dieting and eating right?? and how i said that it’s okay bc if i survive this month i can do it all year? Well im here to say that i SURVIVED THE HOLIDAYS! i am not going to sit here and lie.. i DID eat turkey, stuffing, those candied yam things, peas, ham and mashed potatoes and GRAVY! i did have dessert and WINE! the best thing about it… i still LOST 1lb through all of it! the key to it… MODERATION! 

Christmas eve we went to MeMa’s house and baked cookies. we decorated cupcakes with all sorts of goodness n then decorated cookies too. i ate 1/2 a cookie, i didnt let myself eat anymore although i could have eaten just one. of course there was her famous cheese ball dip stuff… you eat it with club crackers, i could sit there and eat the entire bowl but I DIDNT. there was also her spinach dip with french bread, homemade ranch dressing, i know that stuff was full of all kinds of fat and calories, i didnt eat much but i did put some on my salad. the entire evening i drank water… no SODA.

Then on Christmas day we went to my mom’s house, MeeMee and Grams. they had it ALL. Candied yams, or sweet potatoes, whatever, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, peas, turkey AND ham, deviled eggs, sausage, Angel food cake, chocolate chip cheese cake, brownies, pies, and WINE! i did eat all of that… and i drank wine! i didnt drink soda though, had water and wine the entire time. like ive said over and over, the key to it all is moderation. right now that is my struggle and as long as i control that i will be fine and i will continue to lose weight. i know there will come a time when im at my weight point where i will be fighting to lose a pound but right now, this is my struggle. i was nervous about trying the desserts but i took tiny pieces, literally they were like micro servings. BUT i didnt have to stand there and not take a bite of any of it, i did.  it was pretty great.

so this morning i get up, my mother has my kids for the weekend, which is weird and i am NOT used to this.. i dont think i ever will be. i miss my boys… anyways so i get up and get some yoga pants on and my hoodie, got my gloves and my phone, my water in hand and i hauled my butt to the track and walked 3miles! woot woot! so proud! a month ago i wouldve died doing that, not only the walk but the cold air and wind blowing in my face.. theres no way i wouldve actually walked enough to get 3miles under my feet!

so im here to say… yes this month was the worst time to start my journey. But in the end i think it’s making me stronger. i didnt eat so much that i had to take a nap. I didnt wake up the next day super bloated and almost unable to move. and i wasnt unhappy bc i had eaten so much over the 2-3 day holiday stretch. this morning i feel great! just as light as i felt before the Christmas Feast began!

I hope you all had just as much control and success over your holiday break.

until next time….. drink water, eat healthy and be happy!


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