2013 highlights


As this night gets later, more and more people are posting on Facebook their highlights and downfalls of the year. For me, and my family i just think there is way too much detail involved, too much happened for me to write a status about it. i need to write a frickn blog about that! nothing wrong with being able to sum it all up in a short little status, im just saying that i cant.

My first highlight comes from a major turning point that happened back in October 2012. I finally got a job. Dollar General in my small little town was hiring. to be honest i just went and filled out an application to satisfy everyone else about me getting or trying to get a job. i never really thought i would get the job. my first day i went home and cried during my lunch break bc i felt like i should be at home with my boys instead of out there working and leaving the raising for someone else. well i got over that part mostly. as i entered the year 2013, i kept the job and fell in love with it soon after i was hired. My boss, my other boss, they were both great! i love them both still to this day! it was hard being a working mother, not getting all that time at home with my family but i LOVED my job. i became consumed by the place and the people there. I got a promotion to 3rd key. i acted as manager when there was no other manager there which most the time thats the way it was. being in charge was AWESOME! i didnt have to stand behind the register all the time, i was out on the floor working that thing like a pro! On thursdays i was “on call”. meaning when the truck finally showed up i would go in then and work it as long as i could. i loved working the truck! i got to work with my bosses and really throw stuff out there. I ended up leaving the job, on good terms though. here’s the story on why….

Well one thursday, i had to take the boys to a checkup from a previous sickness. so i was still on call but they were going to the doctor that morning and my store asst manager was going to text me or call me as soon as the truck got there. She texted me or called me i cant remember which and told me it was there. when we left the doc i called the daycare to let them know that the boys would be there and to make sure their heads were counted for lunch. Soon after i got off the phone with them we were heading down a main road in our town, 4 lanes, two on each side. there was a truck ahead of me just a bit in the right lane, slowing down to turn onto another road that branched off of the main one we were on. there was a blazer turning off of that road, they didnt see my car coming at all, she pulled right out in front of us! i swerved to the opposite side of the road, trying to go around her. i yelled to the boys “oh shit! hold on” and just as i thought we made it around her BAM! i couldnt breathe! before the car even stopped rolling i was trying to yell “get out the car! just get out the car guys” i was TERRIFIED that the car was gonna catch on fire and i wouldnt be able to save my kids! my oldest got his seat belt off, i saw him get out and then i got out to get his brother. i couldnt breath, could hardly see, i stumbled to the door behind mine and unbuckled my young son. i tried to pick him up and fell straight to the ground. i was in so much pain and shock. i reached into the front of the car and got my phone off the floor. i called work first and cried, freaking out, i told my boss i wouldnt be there. i gathered what strength i could and got up off the ground, picked him up and took him to the top of the little hill where the car had stopped. i was screaming for my oldest son, Aidan. i couldnt see him. he was gone! the woman that pulled out in front of us asked me if i was okay. my reply was “no! i cant find my son!!” she says “hes okay, hes laying on the ground.” i said “if hes’ laying on the ground he is NOT OKAY!” again i gathered all the strength i could, picked Landon up and carried him to the other side of the car, still on the hill but i could at least see Aidan. i couldnt carry boo any further. i then called Landons daddy. again, crying and freaking out i told him we were in a wreck, the car was totaled. from out of nowhere a nurse stopped and came to us. as soon as she got there i crawled down the hill to my Boogie and cried my eyes out! he wouldnt speak, he didnt blink, he wouldnt even move. as soon as the paramedic got there i crawled back to landon, he was so scared. i sat with him just a few mins and by then i saw that black truck come around the corner, go off the road, drive through the grass and someone’s yard, then… there he was, the love of my life! i felt so good seeing him. he ran to us, not knowing bubba was with us he said “are yall okay, is everyone okay?” i said “NO! bubba’s down there!!” and i never have seen that look in my loves face, he instantly ran to bubba. just typing about this, thinking about it, brings back all of those feelings. it makes me so upset! i hate that my kids had to go through all of this and i hate that i did too. it has changed me forever!


Turns out i had 6 Broken ribs and something wrong with my back. had 8-10 weeks to heal with my ribs, then i had 12 weeks of therapy twice a week! it was horrible. the hardest time ever getting my back to sit right. i still have problems sometimes with flare ups. ..

Then this past summer, my sister and I put our kids in the car and just rode up to Virginia for the weekend to have a girls weekend, with the exception of our children, with my step mom. it was so nice to see her and just relax all weekend. Two weeks after that we went on our first cruise to Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico! it was the best and i mean the BEST vacation ever!! we made the most awesome memories and we just had a blast! here’s a family portrait from the captains dinner! it was so fun to dress up like that. i never get dolled up like that, my boys said i looked like a  princess! 🙂


SOOO much fun!!! then we came home, rested for about a week, then we packed up, all of us and went back to Virginia to see my Dad and the rest of the family. Chris got to meet my dad for the first time! it was great, although he slept and spent more time then i wouldve like in the apartment. they got to talk and get to know each other and that was great.

as the summer came to an end, we were getting all geared up to start the school year. my boo had his first day of real school!! he’s now an elementary student! he got to ride the bus for the first time with his brother, and in the afternoon he rides by himself. he’s such a big boy! my birthday was great, and christmas was great! i started dieting at the begining of the month and i have lost some weight, still on the journey to lose more. you can follow that if youd like in this blog bc thats what it’s focused on. my mother and my gram moved down south to be closer and now my kids are getting to know my gram even better! ❤ only wish my gramps had the same luxury!

All in all, even with the accident being the majority of the consumption of the year, i think we had a pretty good year. everything happens for a reason. i am nervous as all mess in the car but i do believe that there is a lesson in it somewhere. I learned this year that family is so important and that you should never let little thing, small fights or arguments keep you and your family apart. you never know when something is going to happen and you may not get the chance to take back or make up what you said or did to that person. live in the moment, have no regrets and most importantly, LOVE the people you have!! sounds so cheesy but cherish everything like it’s your last day. ive never loved my better half so much, ive never felt the love for my kids this strong. ive always had strong love for them but it’s just indescribable … just… dont take anything for granted people!!! appreciate things, tell people you appreciate the things they do…. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

GOODBYE 2013! it’s been nice….

     BRING IT ON 2014!


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