As stated in my previous blog, the month of January was a big pile of shit.  This month I will be cracking down harder. From the time I started this I said that I wouldnt make my family “suffer” for my lifestyle change… well im taking that back, I am the cook, im trying to change the way i do that and how i feed myself, as well as my family. so ive thought, when it comes time to make dinner i just kept my style the same but made smaller portions and measured everything out. i need something new though, this is just getting old. so i searched the internet on all these low calorie recipe sites. i found one that i really do like. they have recipes for the slow cooker, the over, stove top… you name it. it wont be such a drastic change bc they use stuff that we really do cook with in our house. and if they put something on there that i dont typically use, i will adjust. i just thought id put it out there that this site is really nice. i will be posting the recipes that im trying and how i liked it as well as my 4yr old and my 9yr old. my love will support me as he always has. i have to get my family under control! 🙂 when i post about a recipe, if i changed anything i will let you know. i will rate them for myself and the boys. kids are sometimes picky eaters but im hoping that they will be alright with this. making this easier for me is all im worried about. trying to stay focused and get this goal accomplished!! 🙂

if you get some time, check out the site:


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