Save those BUNS!

so a few days ago i made these french toast sticks bc i cant stand how we ALWAYS have hot dog buns that we end up throwing to the birds or throwing in the trash. so i came up with this. not sure if anyone else has ever done this but when i made them my sister said, “you sooo need to put that on pinterest or your blog” so here i am.. posting it in my blog and then pinterest here we come. of course i had to take the pictures when i made it again two days ago. i love these for breakfast though.



First you need these leftover buns. everyone usually has some left over from the day after a BBQ or something.. leave them for breakfast the next day! i used 6 whole buns for mine this morning. which will make 12 pieces of toast.



Cut them right down the middle where they come split for the dog (above). then seperate..  cut the very top off of the top bun (below) just enough to make the egg soak in just right. then i put mine into seperate piles. sometimes the bottom of the bun takes a little longer to soak up some egg.



so for my batch of about 12 pieces total i used 6 eggs. scramble them like you normally would and dip them.. i use my own blend of seasoning for this…




i take about 2parts cinnamon and one part sugar. i used an old sprinkle container to put my mix in bc of course i dont use it all at once…  so i save it for a later time. any kind of seasoning container would work though, or you can just use whatever it is that you use.. so dip your bread, flip it, then sprinkle the top thats in the egg, then transfer the seasoned side down on the warm pan sprayed with nonstick pam. then sprinkle again. cook and flip. 



when im done using up all my bread i take whats leftover of the egg and scramble them in the pan. i sprinkle the toast with a little powdered sugar and serve with warm syrup.




and there you have it!! yummy french toast sticks!! i made them for my love and he didnt even realize that i had made them bc they were little sticks! my boys love them, they are easy and they save something that would normally end up being thrown away!! love saving money!!



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