prego update



so before this i was all exercise and nutrition.. well now that im here there isnt a whole lot of the exercising going on. my nausea is getting worse, or so it seems. there is a list a mile long of crap i can eat or drink. the last 4 days have seemed like the worst days of my life!!  Today i threw up 4 times before noon! i havent been doing  a  lot of actual throwing up, it’s been mostly extreme nausea but today i topped the charts! 

i cant drink milk, i cant eat anything sweet…. AT ALL .. i tried a tiny piece of chocolate cake saturday and i threw it up. this morning i at a tiny piece of a pop tart that my nephew was eating…. nope .. it didnt stay down either, even that tiny of a piece!

for lunch i wanted to come home and grill a steak! i dont want small food, i want entire meals! not like the quantity i just want that kind of food. i cant eat sandwhiches, or hot dogs, both i would love to eat. i cant seem to eat anything that will actually fill me up!! im eating plenty of veggies and fruit… trying to drink water. i am scared half the time to eat or drink. i feel like i have to eat sooo much. if my belly growls, i get sick.  i am having so much trouble it seems like.  this is my third child and i feel like it’s my first!! -.- 

if anyone has any kind of advice… PLEASE let me know!!




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