The Untold Story, my side anyway



So today while i was chowing on this pack of Smiley Face Fruit Snacks i thought to myself.. “why is this guy smiling when i am about to eat him? he’s doomed,  and not only am i gonna eat him, he’s ORANGE. thats like the most hated color fruit snack, candy, etc. there is…yet hes smiling, his face is all jacked up looking, not even a normal looking smiley face… but he’s smiling” so i thought it would made a good blog. i could probably make some good points using this Fruit Snack as an example.

 For the record…I know that “he” is not a he… really just a gelatin/sugar thingy that children get hooked on, and adults like me.. nor do i feel sorry for eating him even though he’s smiling at me.

So the story of the fruit snack… the one that im getting from all of this, smiling and damned … is that no matter what is going on, you have to just smile. You gotta TRY to stay positive and just know that things are going to get better as long as you keep trying. i often use the lil saying i made up.. “when you go driving through mud, if you get stuck do you just sit there and be stuck? NO you throw that bad boy in 4×4 and you get the hell outta there” .. life is gonna throw crap at you, at least once in  your time… but you cant just sit around and wait for something to happen. you have to make an effort, when you start trying and keep pushing, eventually something is going to give and you will move, some how .. somewhere.. some way.. all those somes that mean something. 🙂

back to the fruit snack… idk why they made them smile but look at it like this… he knows hes orange, in my opinion the most hated flavor of anything except soda, His face is jacked up…he knows that me or some kid is gonna eat him and they are going to get joy out of sinking their teeth into his smiling, jacked up looking face.. theres no good ending for that guy or any of his friends n family, BUT… he is SMILING!!  

i am so tired of logging onto facebook and seeing so much sadness, all the negative stuff. i know that life is sometimes not the greatest, as you all know i am battling severe morning sickness, but just one day out of 7 has to be positive, you have to try to make some progress…

honestly i woke up this morning nervous as usual, not knowing what kind of day this was going to be. with my morning sickness i never know what the day is going to bring. but i knew that i had crap i had to do. i had to watch a little boy for a few hours and manage to stay awake while he was here, i really needed to do some chores, when my boo got out of school i knew that i had to go to the other side of aiken.. and i wanted to do all of this looking and feeling better. so i got up.. made the boys cinnamon rolls in the waffle maker, i ate two and felt sick, but that didnt stop me, i kept on going, managed to get the boys to school on time, came home and did a few small chores, ran my errands, got groceries, cooked dinner, ate n now im chillin in bed with my queezy stomach and a headache. but you know what…i whipped Monday’s ass!! even though the day is ending the way id hoped it wouldnt, me in the bed not feeling that great … i made some serious progress today and i am PROUD! some progress is better then none and i love it!! 

moral of this rant: SMILE and just KEEP TRYING no matter what!!! dont give up on yourself 🙂 yuup… im feeling motivational today:-P


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