“Bigness” “roundness” of PREGGERS (my opinion)


So before i got preggers i was a Thick girl, trying to lose weight and all that goodness. well right now i am about to be 3months along and i look like im 5, in my opinion. im guessing it’s bc i was thicker this time around then i was last time. not really sure why it is exactly but a lot of things play in the roll of how big a girl is day to day. i asked my doc about it last time and she was not worried, if my weight was too out of control she would then lecture me about it all but she said i was fine, everything looked “normal”. anyways… .on to my rant..

people think it’s cute or whatever to constantly comment on how “big” you are when your preggers. i just dont think that commenting on someones weight is a cute thing whether their preg or not! right now, this is how i feel. i dont want people conversation about my size! maybe it’s bc im bigger then i was last time but thats just how i feel right now. everything i gain, on my own, down this road, is gonna be that much harder to take off when i have the baby. when you get preggers you cant continue to try to lose weight bc it will harm the baby so im kinda just stuck where i am. obviously im not very secure right now about my weight at such an early stage so i just think that people pointing it out will do more harm then good. 

people dont think about all that is going on inside a womans body when they are preggers. there is a living child, growing, making themselves at home inside of my body. it’s a beautiful thing but along with that comes gas, constipation, nausea, all the side effects that effect how we look. INSTEAD of commenting about how round or how much we’ve grown, try complimenting us on all that we have to do to make sure we have a healthy baby and body. with all the harmful products out there these days, being preg and staying healthy and protecting our unborn child is HARDER then it used to. that crappy BPA is in almost everything. if you dont know about BPA and pregnancy i suggest you get to google.com and you look it up and do some reading. it’s very hard to change how you do everything for the goodness of your unborn child. Caffeine has horrible effects on a fetus. that stuff messes with your metabolism why would you give it to your baby? i have cut myself off from that, occasionally i will have one or two glasses of tea when we go out to eat but limiting your amounts is very important. when i was preggers with my other two i watched what i ate, mostly as i was eating it. i was more cautious with my second pregnancy bc my first one was so out of control and my baby was born so big. i didnt want that again. i want everything to be as healthy as possible. could have something to do with age also. im a bit older then i was the first time 🙂

anyways so thats my prego rant for now. just think twice before you comment on someones belly size. try telling them that they look beautiful or something cheesy like that rather then say, oh wow how youve grown… thats just annoying to me right now. it might pass but for now…. it’s here so recognize!


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