Bisphenol A aka BPA…


Since becoming pregnant, I have done some research. There are so many things that are different now. comparing my pregnancies, the first time, the second.. things were different, so i knew i had to do some research. While i did some digging, i found out about BPA. it scared me, i have changed the way i do things. no more veggies from cans, reducing the can usage all together, especially for me. i now cook fresh veggies or frozen veggies. one of the articles i read said that tomatoes are high in BPA from cans, and if you get tomato sauce try to get it in glass. everything i get i try to get in glass. some of our plastic cups and bowls are even made with BPA, if it’s made with it, you are ingesting it when you put your food in it. it’s pretty crazy if you think about it. trying to control it has been pretty challenging!

even if you are not pregnant, everyone should do some research in BPA. if its harmful enough to kill an unborn child, think of what it is doing to your body, your kids, your loved ones. i think everyone should look it up and do some reading. it might change the way you prepare  your meals. it could lead to a healthier life style and it will teach your kids how to eat/drink better. i havent totally cut my family off from cans, some things is hard to do BUT i have set a limit, and i will control what goes in my body and my kids’. now is the best time to teach my family new things. i suggest you all do the same. at the bottom are a few websites that you can find some info on BPA. if you want more just go to GOOGLE.COM and search BPA.

THOSE are a few sites that i found interesting. im not saying everyone has to listen to this bc we all know how studies are done, but i will say that I AM LISTENING. and i will not be exposing my baby to high amounts of BPA, or caffeine for that matter.

🙂 youre welcome!





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