Time to get over it!

  since i started to show, early in my pregnancy, ive become a little obsessed with my weight and size/shape.  every pregnancy is different. when i was prego my first time it was horrible, i had acne worse then ever, i was huge and pale, i didnt have a good diet at all, so it […]

hormone control?!? PLEASE!

  so these hormones are working over time tonight. went to dinner with my love, i wanted zaxby’s so we stopped there before heading home, well convo led to us talking about a subject that really gets me worked up and stressed out. i feel like this baby is going to come tomorrow or something. […]

long time no blog..

So i realize it’s been a HOT MINUTE since i blogged. i looked and i was like “omg… so much as happened since my last one” dealing with AT&T internet has been a struggle and that alone should explain why i havent been blogging much. it’s horrible. i cant wait to move to a new […]