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So i realize it’s been a HOT MINUTE since i blogged. i looked and i was like “omg… so much as happened since my last one” dealing with AT&T internet has been a struggle and that alone should explain why i havent been blogging much. it’s horrible. i cant wait to move to a new location where we can have REAL internet … not this crap. anyways enough about that…

 So we found out that we are having another boy! i am now 6months along and my morning sickness is GONE!! it has been gone for a little bit now, thank goodness. that was rough. but now im huge, ive gained weight on my sides, and out front. fitting into clothing is not fun! if i could get these sides to go down i will be a lot happier! so thats really the only struggle i have. heartburn is starting to kick in, thats always fun…  Tomorrow i go to see my little man again! last visit he didnt want to move his arm  to let the doctor measure everything she needed to so we had to make another appointment to do it all again 🙂 doesnt bother me though bc thats more pictures i get of him and more i get to see. i still have awhile so getting anxious this early will just tear my nerves up.. but i really cant wait. i hate that i wont be in my new house when he’s born, i really wanted to be getting a nursery ready right now but instead we have the corner of my room set up for him. i repainted his cradle, and i think im going to pain the changing table the same color, they said it was expresso but it’s not, it’s cherry and it annoys me bc of the tint of redish pink.. simple things just get me going.. mom came and hung up a closet organizing kit for me above his changing table so i can hang his clothes up and put his stuff up there in his little baskets 🙂 im really so excited about this. i was obsessed with the name Oliver from the time i saw it, a lot of other people didnt like it but we settled on it 🙂 his middle name he is getting from my dad, Oliver Gene! he’s going to be amazing and i can not wait to meet him.  

planning the shower has been stressful for me bc everyone knows how much i worry and how far i go to make things happen. i think things are coming together finally. i really cant wait for it all to come together. 

anyways i have to get in bed… tomorrow is an early start!! ❤


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