healthy eating

Seared Steak with Cauliflower Mash and Green Beans                                   618 calories                   Courtesy of

eating healthy is a lot easier said/typed then done. the thought of it is so nice and seems easy when your in the moment. actually doing it is the hardest thing ever for me! right now, because my eating lifestyle hasnt been well the last few months, im struggling, but managing. i have totally cut back on my Soda intake, i had one a few days ago with my lunch but that was the first in two weeks i think. anyways so i checked my snail mail this morning and i have a new PARENTS magazine in the box waiting for me. inside it was a coupon for this new thing called Hello Fresh. apparently they send you meals, the recipes and ingredients are all included in your box, everything is supposedly fresh. i got to looking around on their site and they do have some pretty good looking recipes that they say only takes about 30mins. some of the calorie counts are a little higher then id like but some are okay. i did read recently that they say to have your breakfast have a lot of calories and then not so much throughout the day. well whatever you choose to do  i think this site has some great tips and recipes for healthier eating. using more fresh veggies and not so many processed foods. had to share the link 🙂

Hello Fresh Recipes


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