I am a mother. When it comes to dinner time i like to pile up food onto the boys plates. i feel like if they have a lot of food they will be happy. i guess i still think like the woman did way back. if you had a fat man you had a happy, well fed man. it kinda reflects back on me, almost like his weight would brag that i can COOK!! i cant even begin to tell yall how wrong that is. we are not doing enough exercising around here for all that food. so to start on solving that problem i have started using the smaller plates that i have in my set. instead of filling up the bigger plates, im using the small ones so it really fools us all into thinking we have more then we really do. i also try to prepare steamed veggies pretty regular. Those steamer packs you get out of the frozen aisle at the store are great! getting the snack size ziploc bags and making celery, carrots, whatever veggie is your thing, or fruit, make that stuff ahead of time and when you get the snack urge, just go grab a bag out of the fridge. healthy eating isnt convenient, and i think thats why some people struggle so much with it. i know having so many people to keep up with here thats a major thing for me. i need to just grab something and go. i dont have time to wash and cut everytime i want a snack, by then im distracted and dont remember why i was doing it in the first place.

Let me just add in here, like i said, i am a mother. a mother of 3 boys and one grown man. my boys are 3months old, 5, and 10. they will and are going through different stages all at the same time, i have one thats still on a bottle, the 5yr old isnt a big fan of dinner, or so it seems, he’d rather eat all day long. my oldest, well he never stops eating and still isnt as big as a power pole! he has gained some weight since football season has been out so we are going to be working on that. then there is my grown man….(i love you.. just saying if you read this.. i really do).. this is the one i have the most trouble with when it comes to this “change”. he goes to work, that is a major PROBLEM for me!! i cant control or see what he is putting into his body. i CAN see that there were strawberries and grapes put into his lunchbox for snacks today, but i cant see him stop at the gas station to buy a bag of bugles or a king size pack of reese cups. i cant control him throughout the day. he leaves here early as mess in the mornings and some nights doesnt get home til 7 at night. THEN after taking care of everyone else, theres me…. so now that you know just a lil about what im dealing with.. back to my blog.

So i LOVE to feed my boys. i love to make them happy and i try to make sure they are. being pregnant this last go round was rough. i tried to stay healthy, i really did, but it wasnt as good as it shouldve been. i didnt eat a lot of food, quanity wise, i just ate too many and drank too many calories. the last time i dieted i counted calories. at first that was hard but i got used to it and it wasnt even something i had to really think about anymore. So i am going to try that again this time. CALORIE CONTROL and PORTION CONTROL. that is where i am starting. WATER WATER WATER, PROTEIN AND FIBER.. those are some things that i need to get control of.

I am going to start walking again. a friend of mine is doing better for herself now too, she’s really trying to gain control of her health and life so we talk about our days via text/facebook. its really helpful if you dont go into something like this alone. reach out to anyone that has the same interest in mind. you dont have to know them personally, it could be someone in a mommy group that you follow … or anyone, just pick someone. i feel like the more people that know about what im going through, the struggles im having and the things im overcoming, the better. it holds a sense of accountability and really motivates me.

its really important to get your water taken in. i do KNOW that. when it comes to getting healthy, there is so much CONTROL that YOU need to have. YOU are responsible for what goes in your body. what you will and will not allow to be done. take 20 minutes out of your day and go for a walk, it’s not much but it’s a start and that 20 mins walking is better then 20 mins on the couch. what else are you going to do with it? getting outside once a day can change more then just your weight. your attitude will change too!!
TAKE back your body, energy and health!!
i know im sure as hell going to!

ps.. i am NOT any kind of professional. i blog and preach about things i have read in articles, or my own experience. everyone is different, things dont always work for everyone else like they do for me. i just know that any change is better then zero change.


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