Cool Lego Creations

So… i just saw this article for “23 Incredibly Practical Uses For Legos” on the site BrainJet, I was looking at them and was going to post it to my 10yr old’s Facebook page when at the end, you click Next and a box with “things that are trending” pops up, NOOOOO way! i do not want him seeing that crap. so, I am going to borrow a few of the pictures from your article, along with some from other places on the internet, so i can share them with my son without exposing him to something that could be inappropriate. πŸ™‚ Soo… Bubba… here ya go.. thought these were cool and i could see you making some of this stuff for sure! my boogie ❀ Β click on the first photo and you can view them all larger.

None of these are anything that I created nor did my boys. these are found online. i just borrowed them! πŸ™‚