My stressed out 7 yr old

Last year my middle son was having chest pains. At first i was thinking maybe it was indigestion so i didnt rush to get him into the doctor. i just adjusted the acid intake, food/drinks. well it didnt get any better so i took him to his doctor, we found out it was stress related. my middle son, at the time was 6 years old, in the first grade was stressed out and has some sort of anxiety problem. I had to change how i did things with him to reduce his stress levels. mostly around test time and the pressure i was putting on him to not fail the 1st grade. mommy had to chill.

since then i have adjusted the way he gets fussed at, how we study, the pressures of life, everything had to change a little when it came to him. i try to help him talk about things when there is something wrong so that the stress doesnt build up. stuff like that. well as i sat there thinking of all the “fits” he used to have… i thought maybe they weren’t fits at all, maybe they were stress related melt downs. maybe thats why the time out thing worked so well bc it gave him time to calm down and then we’d talk. since starting school he would have fits at certain times and i look back now and realize that he was stressed out, thats why. he didnt know how to deal with it and he didnt really understand what was going on. He’s never went all out for spirit week at school, which is the reason for this blog. they have different days where you can dress up, etc.

today was the first time he really dressed up. not just a red day… it was CAREER DAY!  I asked him last night, like i had the night before and the one before that, ” are you going to dress out tomorrow?” this time instead of saying no right away he said “what would i wear” i jumped up that second and found something. i hemmed the pants, cut the mens dress shirt up, added some names and put a sign on the back of the mens shirt which became a lab coat! he overcame something today and he wore it like a pro!!

to some people it’s “just a dress up day” but to me it’s so much more. there was a pajama day and the day before that i had asked if he was going to participate, we were on the way to school… he had a meltdown. i had to pull over and let him collect himself and i told him he didnt have to. other kids would be in their pjs’ but he didnt have to, and we still had a whole entire day to think about it. i was nervous about asking about career day. he wouldnt wear pjs bc he was afraid that someone would laugh, worried that he would be the only one… stressed out and worried… at 7years old! it’s hard enough to deal with stress and anxiety as an adult. i cant even imagine how it would be if i were 7 and dealing with it…

talk with your kids. make sure they know that they can come to you and try to teach them the different types of stress they can have and teach them that it’s normal. if they are struggling with processing it, teach them how to deal while they are young. teaching landon how to deal with his has really taught me a lot about myself. it’s been a mother/son learning experience and i am very happy to say that whatever we are doing is working. he is trying harder in school, his confidence is higher and i feel like he enjoys life a little more and is obviously willing to take some sort of risk on occasion.

i am one proud mama!


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