My stressed out 7 yr old

Last year my middle son was having chest pains. At first i was thinking maybe it was indigestion so i didnt rush to get him into the doctor. i just adjusted the acid intake, food/drinks. well it didnt get any better so i took him to his doctor, we found out it was stress related. my […]

Cool Lego Creations

So… i just saw this article for “23 Incredibly Practical Uses For Legos” on the site BrainJet, I was looking at them and was going to post it to my 10yr old’s Facebook page when at the end, you click Next and a box with “things that are trending” pops up, NOOOOO way! i do […]


I am a mother. When it comes to dinner time i like to pile up food onto the boys plates. i feel like if they have a lot of food they will be happy. i guess i still think like the woman did way back. if you had a fat man you had a happy, […]

Low Calorie Links

eating smarter is so difficult!! i have a family so it’s really hard to find whole meals that i can whip up for all of us that are low in calories that everyone is still going to want to eat. so i was browsing the internet this morning and found a few links that i […]

healthy eating

eating healthy is a lot easier said/typed then done. the thought of it is so nice and seems easy when your in the moment. actually doing it is the hardest thing ever for me! right now, because my eating lifestyle hasnt been well the last few months, im struggling, but managing. i have totally cut […]

Rut Day -.-

As i sat here, thinking about how today was a total waste of any effort. feeling kinda down bc i looked at some old pictures, how young my two oldest boys were, how skinny i was, how young my skin looked. then i go and look at myself now. i look so tired, my skin […]

Time to get over it!

  since i started to show, early in my pregnancy, ive become a little obsessed with my weight and size/shape.  every pregnancy is different. when i was prego my first time it was horrible, i had acne worse then ever, i was huge and pale, i didnt have a good diet at all, so it […]