day 6 food diary

breakfast: toast and water (not a good breakfast)

it was a busy day. today i skipped meals and thats NOT good!

dinner at grams: roast, rice and veggies and dessert was frozen yogurt. strawberry n vanilla.

be sure to check out the blog of day 6!!



day 4-5 food

day 4-5 i was out of town. i didnt count every single calorie but you can judge for yourself:

breakfast: 1cup Crispix 1 Cup 2% milkImage

no snack :(….

Lunchish: 1large fruit cup from Chick-fil-a with Water


dinner: Olive Garden’s Roasted Garlic (lighter menu) with mashed potatoes and spinich (i only ate half) plus a salad. and a glass of wine.



Breakfast was the same as day 4.

lunch: salad and 1/2 grilled chicken sandwhich from HOOTERS with Water.

i did enjoy a FEW fried pickles.

Day 3 food

Two scrambled eggs,  again. ..
No milk today just water.

Lean cuisine fettechini


About 4-5 ounces of steak
Salad with low fat ranch 25cal!!
1/2 baked potato no butter, little bit of sour cream.

1/4 cup rasperry ice cream

100ounces of water!

day 2 food


Breakfast: two scrambled eggs, omlet style with diced green peppers and a lil picco de gallo on top 140 cal.

one cup of 2% milk: 130cal

snack one: two stalks of celery

Lunch: Lean cuisine’s grilled chicken caesar pasta 250cal

side salad with low fat ranch: 70cal

snack two: on stalk celery 8 baby carrots

dinner: healthy choice General Tso’s spicy chicken 300cal

snack three: greek yogurt with fruit side: 140cal

total “counting Cal”- 1030

water intake: 130ounces!!! i met my goal of 1/2 gallon!!

day 1 food

Breakfast:  2 pieces of toast (80×2) with 1/2 tbspn of butter(25) and 1 cup coffee with two sugars (50).

lunch: Smart Ones- Santa Fe rice n beans  290 cal

snack: greek yogurt 100cal

dinner: Healthy Choice grilled chicken marinara 280cal

dessert: 1/4 cup of chocolate ice cream 70cal

total calorie intake today was 975

i did NOT meet my water goal. i want to get 7 bottles of water down, 20oz each or a little more then a half gallon of water.

today’s water intake was 4 bottles 😦